letter to MP

From: Frankie 
Subject: poverty, food banks, refuges
Date: 26 July 2020 at 15:31:48 BST
To: Rosie Duffield MP

Dear Rosie Duffield MP,

I am pleased to read that you have tweeted that you are appalled, as are many people including myself, by the fact that ‘child poverty is at an all time high, food banks are overwhelmed and refuges are cash-strapped.’ 

I note also that you consider that donating to a cause I believe worth supporting to be ‘obscene,’ [A legal fundraiser set up to support Jeremy Corbyn] apparently assuming an entitlement as to how I should spend my own pension or savings.

By what authority do you arrogate that right? As an adult I assume I have a right to make my own financial decisions. I have not made a public remark on the issue of your own decisions as to how you spend your salary and other income, e.g. the claim you are reported as having made for £211,887.63 expenses in 2018/19, although as a constituent or taxpayer I might feel I have a right to question your wisdom regarding these matters.

Is it really necessary to point out to you that the fund set up in support of Jeremy Corbyn exists precisely because, as a politician of integrity and decency, he stands in opposition to the very child poverty, exponential growth in the need for food donations and defunding of public services like refuges which you purport to be concerned about? Is there not an irony at play here? And does not the fact that so many thousands of people are donating in solidarity with Jeremy as he faces the continuing onslaught of rightwing attack give pause for thought – that maybe, just maybe, these people care passionately about social justice and anti-racism – or do you dismiss them all with the usual contemptuous stereotyping dealt out to anyone with the temerity to question you?

The Tory government has caused these dreadful conditions of poverty, hunger and deprivation. And, as you campaigned tirelessly against the possibility of a Corbyn-led Labour government that might have ameliorated this dire situation, thereby enabling the Tory election win, I can only invite you to consider whether you should take some responsibility for the negative role you have played in this country’s politics.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

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