Letter to Guardian, May 2020

From: Frankie Green
Subject: ‘Britain’s largest solar farm poised to begin development in Kent’, 24 May
Date: 24 May 2020 at 17:41:34 BST
To: guardian.letters@theguardian.com

Dear Guardian letters Editor,
Not only did you initially illustrate your article on the proposed devastation of coastal land with a photograph of an entirely different place, (‘Britain’s largest solar farm poised to begin development in Kent’, 24 May), you repeated the claim by a spokesperson for the developers that they have discussed safety considerations with the Kent Fire and Rescue Service. However, KFRS is elsewhere reported to have denied ever signing off on any agreement (ref: https://whitstableviews.wordpress.com/2020/05/22/guest-blog-stop-graveney-marsh-solar-farm/.) 
Nor do you mention that one of the companies involved, Wirsol, is being sued in the High Court “for gross negligence and reckless misconduct” over other solar installations built and sold by them. There is serious doubt whether they are capable of building them safely. The hazardous lithium battery storage facility is a massive disaster in the making, placing huge areas at risk (see https://www.favershameye.co.uk/post/cleve-hill-update-2-1.) This project would set a very dangerous precedent nationally.
The Guardian has a record of environmental journalism that has not been upheld by this article. The ecological and social vandalism inherent in this project is on a vast, industrial scale from which the region, its landscape, people and wildlife will never recover. It would destroy the habitat of over 300 species of wildlife, including protected species. Mitigation proposals are risibly inadequate and simply constitute cynical ‘greenwashing’, while local people and civil society organisations are being overridden by commercial interests. The only beneficiaries of this dangerous scheme will be private interests pursuing short-term private profit. Solar panels need placing in appropriate locations, rather than jeopardising important wildlife sites or human communities. It is ironic that we who support renewable energy generation must oppose such schemes, but the greater irony lies in corporate destruction of the environment while purporting to be on the side of saving it.
Sincerely, Frankie Green

For more on this, please see also https://frankiegreenvariouswritings.home.blog/activisms/



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