Hello, welcome to this site –

a rag-bag of writings, notes, images, talks, letters … roughly divided into overlapping categories.

Recent interest in the history of political movements such as the Women’s Liberation Movement, the London Gay Liberation Front and others that I’ve been involved in has meant like many women of my generation I’ve been asked for information, recollections, etc. So I thought collecting together stuff I’ve written over the last few years might save time and duplication – I hope it’s useful, and will be glad if it makes a contribution to the archiving projects providing information on the traditions we are part of, for the up and coming generations of activists .

My political experiences aren’t unique; they’re part of collective activism, shared by many, but personal stories can make important contributions to common histories. They also record information about people who aren’t prominent and well-known, which is something that can get lost in cultures where focus is placed on an individualistic approach to history, obscuring the collective nature of mass movements for social justice and change and the people who contribute to grassroots activism.

Feedback, in the spirit of constructive dialogue, is welcome.


Everything written by me is © – please contact me if you’d like to use anything; if you quote anything please credit the source. If you own the copyright of any images or text used here that haven’t been credited, or know a person who does, please let me know so that I can give them due credit and acknowledgement. Thank you.

Cosmic microwave background image courtesy of Dr Candadi Sukumar: ‘A snap shot of the universe as it was some 13.5 billion years ago, several hundred thousand (380000) years after the ‘big bang’, a time before the birth of stars and planets and the formation of galaxies … One can view this image as an echo from the infant universe carrying the seeds of the future universe, the seeds of future galaxies, stars and planets. It may also be looked upon as an afterglow from an epoch of the early universe when matter and light separated.’

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